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Online Course Design

ADEC Courseware Tools
From American Distance Education Consortium, this comprehensive list links a wide variety of online course design packages.

Avialar Technologies - WebMentor
Learn about this distance and online training software product. Lists prices and provides press releases.

Blackboard Inc.
The company offered software designed to deliver online courses to facilitate e-learning. Find products and services details.

Full-service software program allows for the management and delivery of online courses. Check out its services.

E-Presentations Pro
Web-based service lets instructors post content, administer exams, and track student and curriculum progress without purchasing hardware or software.

E-learning and knowledge network offers courses in e-business, finance, management, customer service and the Internet. Find out how to sign up.

Flex Training - Web Based Training
Company provides a Web-based learning-management system. Posts information on products that deliver interactive education.

Laragh CourseWare
Developers of custom computer-based training (CBT) programs and off-the-shelf courseware. Covers soft skills, business competencies and IT.

LearningWare Reviews
Reviews educational software for various computer platforms, and offers access to an archive of past reviews.

Mallard Nestpage
A Web-based interactive teaching and learning tool for online study. Discover its features and descriptions.

Offers products and services for e-learning and distance-learning providers, including systems design, software, and training for trainers.

Online Learning: Information and Tools
Find assembled reviews and links to popular courseware programs used for online course design and delivery.

Offers Evolution, a software platform designed to facilitate development, delivery, and management of online and offline learning programs. Peruse its features.

Company provides Web-based training programs with customized course content. Get a free trial.

Offers tools to build Web-based tests, quizzes and exams. Read about its features, view a demo and take a sample test.

Featured software for creating and managing e-learning programs is designed for Fortune 500 companies. Look over the training package offered, or request a free CD.

VIA Course Systems
Michigan-based consulting service helps educational institutions and companies develop online training courses that meet determined needs.

Virtual Learning Environments, Inc. provides this online course delivery system for all learning levels. Try the free trial version.

Developed at the University of British Columbia, the software helps instructors and students have an integrated teaching and learning experience.




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