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Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville State University

How is Jacksonville State University abbreviated? It is commonly known as JSU. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of JSU. Just click the image to see all definitions of JSU.

Jackson State University - Drama Department
Find out what's on the schedule for the upcoming season, review the list of courses offered, or check out the photo gallery.
Jackson State University - Sociology & Social Work
Department offers two distinct degrees, one in sociology and the other in social work. Click to learn more about each discipline.
Jacksonville State Univ. - College of Arts & Sciences
Find out about this college's departments, majors and minors, faculty, and honors classes. Includes a faculty annual report.
Jacksonville State Univ. - College of Criminal Justice
Find the degree requirements for a degree in criminal justice with a concentration in forensic investigations. Offers a link to faculty.
Jacksonville State Univ. - Curriculum & Instruction
Review the undergraduate program course descriptions, which include early childhood, elementary, and special education.
Jacksonville State Univ. - Disability Support Services
Read the FAQ to discover what services and facilities are available to special needs students. Includes names and contact numbers.
Jacksonville State Univ. - Education & Prof. Studies
Find out about undergraduate and graduate programs in such fields as curriculum and instruction, television services, and health education.
Jacksonville State Univ. - Education & Prof. Studies
Students of this college may major in health or physical education, recreation administration, or exercise science and wellness.
Jacksonville State Univ. - Family & Consumer Sciences
Students of this division may obtain undergraduate degrees in dietetics, restaurant and food service management, and fashion merchandising.
Jacksonville State Univ. - History & Foreign Languages
Access this department's clubs and organizations, read the various club descriptions, or gather registration and admissions information.
Jacksonville State Univ. - Instructional Services Unit
Consists of the Learning Resource Center, the Teaching-Learning Center, the Multimedia Instructional Laboratories and the Smart Classroom.
Jacksonville State Univ. - Physical & Earth Sciences
Link to the campus weather center, email a faculty member, or read about courses offered in anthropology, geology, physics, and chemistry.
Jacksonville State University
Offers admission and registration information, academic departments, library, campus community and distance learning. Follow Gamecock sports.
Jacksonville State University - Alumni
Lists the association's officers and its chapters. Link to statistics on alumni membership and school news.
Jacksonville State University - Applied Psychology
Check out admission standards and program requirements for the MS degree in applied psychology.
Jacksonville State University - Art Department
Visit the Hammond Hall gallery or learn about courses offered in art history, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, and ceramics.
Jacksonville State University - Biology
Read about the Martin McGee Health Center, read the data for prospective students, or link to biology-related student organizations.
Jacksonville State University - CCBA
College of Commerce and Business Administration offers a newsletter, curriculum information, and department announcements.
Jacksonville State University - CED
Center for Economic Development provides businesses with economic impact studies, marketing surveys, and employee attitude assessments.
Jacksonville State University - Criminal Justice
Alabama school offers a BS in criminal justice. Includes faculty profiles.
Jacksonville State University - Data Systems Mgmt.
Provides system, application, and telecommunications support to the students, faculty, and staff of JSU. Link to the computer labs.
Jacksonville State University - Dept. of Communication
Review the list of communication course descriptions, or find out about the JSU student chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.
Jacksonville State University - Dept. of Music
Obtain a degree in music education or performance, and join one of the many performance ensembles. Posts faculty biographies.
Jacksonville State University - Dept. of Technology
Program accredited by the National Association of Industrial Technology. Review course descriptions and career options.
Jacksonville State University - Distance Education
Distance Learning courses that are offered on the Internet in compressed video format. View the offered courses listed by semester.
Jacksonville State University - Educational Resources
Read about the undergraduate courses in secondary teacher education, educational psychology, and instructional media.
Jacksonville State University - Emergency Management
Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Emergency Management can be taken onsite or via distance learning.
Jacksonville State University - Employment
Peruse the index of job titles for available positions at this Alabama institute, and click on each one to check salary and qualification data.
Jacksonville State University - English Department
Read about the English degree programs offered, access the individual faculty pages, or review possible career opportunities.
Jacksonville State University - Geography Program
Find course descriptions and requirements for the undergraduate degree program. Request information or search the database.
Jacksonville State University - Graduate Studies
Check out this semester's graduate bulletin, review the list of programs offered, or take a look at the graduate assistantship vacancy notices.
Jacksonville State University - Houston Cole Library
Main library of this Jacksonville, Alabama university provides details about collections, hours and services. Visit the virtual reference desk.
Jacksonville State University - Human Resources
Find out about employment opportunities at JSU, read about the employee-of-the-month, or review the staff holiday schedule.
Jacksonville State University - MCIS
Department of Mathematics, Computing, and Information Sciences offers a list of academic programs, events, clubs, and projects.
Jacksonville State University - Office of Assessment
Assists in developing student-outcome goals and objectives at JSU. Access the College Students Experiences Questionnaire.
Jacksonville State University - Physical Plant
Department of JSU responsible for the care, repair, and maintenance of campus and campus facilities. Fill out a work order request.
Jacksonville State University - Police Department
Guardian of security on this Alabama campus offers safety tips and explains alcohol and drug policies. Read parking regulations or send an email.
Jacksonville State University - Political Science
Caters to JSU students studying the liberal arts, pre-law, and professional education. Includes course descriptions and a list of degrees.
Jacksonville State University - Print Shop
Peruse the print shop's pricing list, than fill out an order form. Services include printing, stapling, collating, folding, and binding.
Jacksonville State University - Psychology
Features dept. news, an undergraduate application, faculty and staff info, and a link to the Society for Quantitative Analyses of Behavior.
Jacksonville State University - Registrar's Office
Administrative tasks include issuing transcripts and providing transfer students with course equivalency and degree requirement information.
Jacksonville State University - ROTC Alumni Chapter
Find out about the goals of this organization and get an email application for membership.
Jacksonville State University - SBA
Small Business Development center is an adjunct of the College of Commerce and Business Administration. Find out about workshops and seminars.
Jacksonville State University - Scholarship Programs
Provides a list of scholarships for Jacksonville State University students. Posts the dollar value of awards and qualifications.
Jacksonville State University - Sociology
Department presents a course listing and requirements. Also learn about jobs for graduates in this field.
Jacksonville State University - Teacher Service Center
Facility for students in the JSU education program serves as an information resource and helps graduates obtain teaching positions.
Jacksonville State University - Television Services
Supports the distance learning program, the campus TV station, the department of communication, WLJS-FM 92J, and the JSU sports network.

Jacksonville State University




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