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Internet-Based Universities

1 Online College Degrees.com - Int'l Scholarship Foundation
Grants college degrees based on prior experiences such as employment, clubs, and volunteer work. Apply for associate, bachelor's, master's, or doctorate credits.

ABC University
Online computer-training courses for beginners as well as technical certification. Study Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, or JavaScript.

Alumni and Faculty Center - Kaplan College
Provides resources for alumni members and features bios of faculty members. Access career resources for professionals and stay informed about the college.

American College
Earn a master's degree in management or financial services. Find course descriptions, application info, and learn about its library services.

American Global University
Offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in human behavior, psychology, business administration, engineering, and Persian literature.

American Graduate University
Offers graduate programs in project management and acquisition management. View a list of required courses and find out how to register.

American International Independent University
Offers degree programs to students worldwide in complementary medicine, creative process, personal therapy and spiritual process.

American Liberty University - Distance Learning
Non-traditional research university offers a several degree through distance learning programs. Learn about their weekend school.

Art Institute Online
Find Internet-based art education and training classes plus digital, Web, and graphic design diploma, associate and bachelor of sciences degree programs.

Athena University
Earn a bachelor's degree in history, languages, or computer science, or an MBA. Provides course descriptions and application information.

Atlantic International University
Offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral level distance learning college degree programs in subjects such as social and human studies, the sciences, arts, and business.

Baker College
Apply to the undergraduate and graduate programs for this Michigan university with 13 campuses and an online degree and MBA program.

Baker College Online
Web-based accredited college offers bachelor, associate, and master's degree programs. Review the enrollment requirements and tuition information.

Barrington University
Offers MBA, bachelor's and master's degrees in a variety of subjects. Find course descriptions, a bookstore and an application.

Berean University of the Assemblies of God
University of the Assemblies of God offers AA, BA, and MA degrees in biblical and ministerial studies. Read student testimonials.

Bienville University
Offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in business, public administration, sports, and health. Provides financial information.

California Coast University
Earn a graduate or undergraduate degree in business administration, engineering management, or psychology. Find out how to apply.

Canyon College
Earn a certificate or degree through distance education at this college based in Idaho. Also find independent courses.

Capella University
Find out how to get an MBA, an MS or a PhD in business, education, psychology or human services. Provides financial aid information.

Cardean University
Find accredited college degree programs in continuing adult education. The courses offered include business, accounting and management.

Catholic Distance University, The
Receive a master's degree in Religious Studies. Read course descriptions and admission procedures.

Central State University
Offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in business administration. View the catalog, faculty profiles, and application information.

Center of Excellence for Remote and Medically Under-Served Areas offers a Master of Medical Science program for practicing physician assistants.

Charter Oak State College
Offers associate's or bachelor's degrees in a wide range of subjects. View a listing of faculty and staff members.

Chemeketa Community College
Associate's degrees in general studies and fire prevention technology are offered at this community college. Review the curriculum and courses.

College for Financial Planning
Offers a Master of Science degree in financial planning. Read an overview of the program, course descriptions, and tuition information.

Commonwealth Open University
Look into this adult continuing education university, featuring a brief overview, a list of classes and degrees offered, and contact information.

Corporations - Kaplan Colleges
Offers affiliate and corporate partnership programs to organizations. Browse the overviews and request for more information.

CyberU - Small Business Training Center
Online program conducts classes in business areas such as accounting, marketing, and technology. Read over the course titles and descriptions.

Davenport Campus - Kaplan College
Features the college programs offered at the campus in Iowa. Provides an academic calendar, admission procedures, and a guide to applying for financial aid.

Diploma in Computing via the Internet
Check out class outlines and the application process for this two-year distance-learning program that awards students with Oxford University Undergraduate diplomas.

Fairfax University
University based in Louisiana offers external education programs to international students. Also features a school of theology.

Frederick Taylor University
Bachelor's degrees in business administration and management are offered at this distance learning university. Check out the MBA program.

George Washington University
Offers BS and MS degrees in health sciences, tourism, management, etc.. View program descriptions and take a sample class.

Goddard College
Attend a seven-day residency before completing a BA, MA or MFA at Goddard. View program descriptions and application information.

ISIM University
Earn an MBA or an MS in information management. View course descriptions, application information, and student profiles.

Jones International University
Learn about the BA and MA programs offered at this online university. Provides details of its curriculum and admissions process.

Kaplan Colleges - Kaplan College
Learn about programs in business, information technology, legal nurse consulting, paralegal studies, criminal justice, and law. Browse the faculty bios.

Kennedy-Western University
Earn a Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate degree through correspondence courses offered by this university. Meet the faculty or view tuition.

LaSalle University
Earn an undergraduate or graduate degree at this distance learning university. Provides its program descriptions and faculty profiles.

Liberty University Distance Learning
Receive an AA, a BS or an MA from this Baptist university. Request information and find out about admission procedures.

Marytlhust University Web-based Programs
Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs are offered in management and organizational communication. Find the curriculum and a syllabus.

National Technological University
Learn about this distance learning university that offers master's in engineering and computer science via CD-ROM, satellite and the Internet.

National University Online
Demo one of this university's 200 courses then enroll in a desired program. Earn an accredited bachelor or master's degree via distance learning.

New School Online University
Offers registration information for New York City's Distance Instruction for Adult Learning program. Tour the campus or view sample classes.

Northcentral University
Look into the Business and Psychology programs offered and download the school catalog. Submit an application and chat with students and faculty.

NSM - Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
Distance learning university offers Spanish-language postgraduate courses in the areas of neuroscience and mental health.

Preston University - Distance Education
Become acquainted with the faculty and requirements of this program. Earn a masters or doctorate degree.

Private Lessons Channel
E-learning company offers multimedia courses on topics such as the arts, business, gardening, career development, and computer technology.

Rogers State University
Find out the online course requirements to earn an associate's degree. Provides financial aid info and a calendar of events.

Rushmore University
Learn about the flexible one-year MBA program offered by this school. Provides faculty profiles and an application form.

School of Criminal Justice - Kaplan College
Offers a diploma program, associate degree, and BS in Criminal Justice. Browse the course descriptions, see the career options for graduates, and register.

Online education center offers certificate programs in graphic, Web, and digital design. Take courses in digital editing, Photoshop, and JavaScript.

Seton Worldwide
Distance education program for working professionals offers graduate degrees in education administration, counseling and health administration.

Silicon Valley College
San Francisco Bay Area trade school offers long-distance education classes in 3D modeling, graphics, health-care technology, and computer skills.

Southwest University
Undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered by this non-residential university. Provides its admission and degree requirements.

Trinity College University
Browse the online courses and degrees offered by this university or read student testimonials. Check out the FAQ.

United States Open University
Check out the degree programs and courses offered by this virtual university.

United States Open University
Distance learning university details their MBA, MIS, and MS in Computing degree programs. Also find out about their Certificate in Management program.

University Consortium for Continuing Education
A division of iVille International, Inc., offers web-based technical training courses through click2study web property and consulting services.

University of Action Learning
Students can earn bachelor's and master's degrees via the Internet from this school accredited by the Distance Education and Training Commission. Check out the programs.

University of Berkley
Alternative school offers individual, non-residential and specialized college degree programs in the United States and internationally.

University of Phoenix Online
University offers its courses and undergraduate, Masters and doctoral programs to working adults through online coursework and teaching.

Virtual University
Enroll in free online classes on topics such as the Internet, writing, creativity and languages. Includes a forum and bulletin boards.

Wakefield International University
Examine the mission statement and curriculum structure of this distance education program. Find admissions and tuition details.

Western Governors University
Offers undergraduate and graduate degrees through a university partnering program. View the course catalog and find admission information.




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