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El Paso, Texas

El Paso is a city in the state of Texas, United States. The city is furthest west on the Rio Grande, opposite Ciudad Juárez in Mexico. El Paso itself has 683,000 residents (2018), the majority of whom are of Spanish (Mexican) origin. The metropolitan area of El Paso has 841,000 residents, and is the core of a larger combined statistical area of Las Cruces in New Mexico with a total population of approximately 1.1 million (2018).


El Paso is an important financial and trade center and immigration point for Mexicans. The city has a diverse industry, including large smelters (copper and lead), oil refineries and the textile industry. It has significant tourist traffic and a restored Mexican district. El Paso also has the state university and several other higher education institutions; major military facilities are nearby, Fort Bliss (1848) and the White Sands Missile Range (New Mexico) firing range.


El Paso was founded in 1598 by the colonizer of New Mexico, Juan de Oñate, who called the city of El Paso del Norte. The first settlement in 1659 was on the south bank of the Rio Grande. In 1849, the city was founded on the American side. It gained city status in 1859, as a stopover on the legendary Butterfield diligence route to California. El Paso experienced strong growth following the construction of the first railroads in 1881, when no less than three railroad companies linked El Paso to its line network (Southern Pacific, Texas and Pacific and Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe). The city is characterized by Spanish language and culture.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas is a city in the state of Texas in the United States, located on the Trinity River, 360 km from the Gulf of Mexico, and has 1,341,075 residents.

Dallas is at the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan region, with 7,399,662 residents (U.S. Census, 2017) being the largest in Texas, the fourth largest in the United States and the U.S's fastest growing (U.S. Census, 2017). The settlement has spread far beyond the urban boundary of the flat prairie land, forming an ever expanding suburban ring.


Dallas is the foremost banking and insurance center in the Southwest, and many large companies in the oil industry have their headquarters here. The city is also an important trade center, and its Cotton Exchange, the 'cotton exchange ', is among the largest in the world. Dallas is also an important communication hub. The International Airport (Dallas-Fort Worth) is one of the busiest in the world.

The industry is extensive and very diverse. The most important industrial sectors are the aerospace industry, the electronics industry, textiles and clothing products, foodstuffs, publishing and printing. The city is also a popular convention center.


Dallas is a leading center for higher education and research. There are a number of universities and other higher education institutions; The city itself includes Southern Methodist University (1911), Bishop College (1881) and Dallas Baptist College (1897). In the suburbs are the University of Dallas (1956) in Irving, the University of Texas (1895) in Arlington, and North Texas State University (1890) and Texas Woman's University (1901) in Denton.

Dallas is known for its rich cultural life, with a theater center (first theater established in 1879), opera, ballet, symphony orchestra and several museums. The John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza marks the place where the president was assassinated.


The city center is characterized by a right-angle street network, and a large number of skyscrapers. There are several buildings on more than 50 floors, the highest being the Bank of America Plaza (281 meters / 72 floors).

Residential buildings are dominated by detached houses and detached houses. African Americans and most of the Spanish speakers reside in the southern boroughs. North of the city center are the most fashionable residential areas, partly in suburbs such as University Park, Richardson and Plano. Much of the retail has also located to North Dallas, with many large shopping malls.

In the year 1900, Dallas had 43,000 residents, in 1950 434,000, 1970 844,000 and in 2000 1,188,500.


Dallas was founded in 1841, gained city status in 1856, and is named after George M. Dallas, who was the United States vice president from 1845 to 1849. Fire destroyed the city in 1860. The railroad, which was built in 1872, contributed to the city's rapid growth.

Dallas has become an important center for cotton production and export. The discovery of the oil fields in East Texas in 1930 made the city a major oil hub, while the construction of aircraft factories during World War II led to rapid industrial growth.

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