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Distance Learning Free Courses

American Mgt. and Business Administration Institute
Obtain a free Certificate Program in Management and Business Administration through this distance learning program.

Barnes & Noble University
Browse available courses in areas of the arts, life improvement, literary studies, or health. Several free courses are available.

Barnes & Noble University - Barnes & Noble.com
Provides free online courses on literature, history, business, science, technology, and health. Read the FAQ for details on classes.

Education Matrix
Offers free Internet and web design related courses and consulting in web site marketing and promotion.

Essentials of Marketing - Univ. of California
Access a marketing lesson from the University of California at Berkeley Extension course "Essentials of Marketing."

Lifelong Learning on the World Wide Web
Free courses covering programming, different operating systems and network management with downloadable course material online.

Pigeon Hill University
Self-learning resource offers a large collection of educational links devoted to academic subjects, such as science, math, English and languages.

ThirdAge - Learning Center
Offers free online courses on a variety of topics, such as building a web page, hosting an online community and web shopping. Browse its catalog.

Training online, online training
Find a collection of free Internet related training programs. The company also offers domain registration and web hosting.

Univ. of Texas at Austin - World Lecture Hall
Links to pages created by faculties worldwide using the Web for class delivery. Includes course syllabi, assignments, lectures and exams.

Virtual University
Enroll in free online classes on topics such as the Internet, writing, creativity and languages. Includes a forum and bulletin boards.

Directory lists courses offered via the Internet, from academic subjects to home improvement to fun stuff. Search or browse by subject.




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