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Since the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles on October 10, 2010, the island of Curaçao forms the Kingdom of the Netherlands together with "Sint Maarten", "Aruba" and the "Netherlands in Europe".

According to Abbreviationfinder website, the "Netherlands in Europe" also includes the islands of Bonaire, Sint Estatius and Saba in the Caribbean - as so-called "special municipalities". Geographically, Curaçao belongs to the "Lesser Antilles and is - next to Bonaire and Aruba - one of the three so-called ABC islands in the Caribbean and the largest of them with an area of 444 km².

The island is located around 80 km from Venezuela on the South American continental shelf and is therefore geographically and geologically part of South America.


You will find a particularly large number of iguanas here, which come as far as the terraces of the hotels. Together with a guide, for example in the Christoffel National Park, you can encounter iguanas, rare lizards and even the shy Curacao deer.

Noteworthy birds are the approximately 18 cm tall black-orange colored Trupial or the 25 cm tall St. Thomas-Sittig. Flamingos, the Wara Wara and hummingbirds can also be found here.

Also worth seeing are the local hawksbill turtles, leatherback turtles and green turtles.

The old town of the capital Willemstad was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1997

Name of the island Curacao
Form of government Autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Head of state Queen or King of the Netherlands
Location The island is located in the Caribbean

and is one of the three ABC islands in the Lesser Antilles

Geographical longitude and latitude From 12 02` to 12 24` north latitude

From 068 49` to 069 10` west longitude

National anthem "Hymn of Curaçao"

"Himno di Korsou" - in Papiamentu

Population Around 150,600 (Credit: Countryaah)
Ethnicities Descendants of African slaves

6% Dutch

Sephardic Jews from Spain and Portugal

Religions of the population are Roman Catholic

Protestant (mainly Adventists)

Languages Dutch, English and Papiamentu
Capital Willemstad with approx. 140,000 residents.

The old town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997

Surface 444 km ²
Highest mountain Christoffelberg is located at a height of 375 m

in the park of the same name

National currency Since December 1st 2012 the "Caribbean Guilder"
Tourist office Curacao Tourist Office

c/o Inter-Connect Marketing GmbH

Bayerstr. 16A

80335 Munich

Tel: +49 - (0) 89 - 51703-0

Fax: +49 - (0) 89 - 51703-120

Email: [email protected] Curaçao Tourist Board (on Curacao)

19 Pietermaai


Tel.: +00 599 - (0) 9 - 434 82 00




Time difference to CET - 5 h
International phone code 00599 - 9 - participant number
Mains voltage, frequency 110 volts 60 hertz
Internet TLD (Top Level Domain) .on





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